Hardpoint EBM down to one Porsche entry for Mid-Ohio

Jake Galstad/Motorsport Images

Hardpoint EBM down to one Porsche entry for Mid-Ohio


Hardpoint EBM down to one Porsche entry for Mid-Ohio


Team Hardpoint EBM has downsized from two Porsche 911 GT3 Rs to one, parking Earl Bamber and Christina Nielsen in favor of a single car for Rob Ferriol and Katherine Legge at the next round in Mid-Ohio.

Citing a lack of funding to continue with the dedicated entry shared by Legge and Nielsen, Ferriol will rejoin Legge in the No. 88 Porsche; Ferriol, Bamber, and Trenton Estep piloted the No. 99 Porsche at Sebring

“Though Team Hardpoint EBM expected to continue the two-car lineup into round three, stakeholders behind the all-female program have experienced a delay in finalizing the remaining full-season partner,” the team wrote. “Rather than pull the No. 88 Team Hardpoint EBM Porsche for Mid-Ohio, the team has instead chosen to withdraw the No. 99 and combine resources to keep the No. 88 entry on the grid driven by Legge and Ferriol.”

Ferriol hopes to have both cars back in action as soon as possible.

“When I committed Team Hardpoint EBM to the Women’s Initiative program, I did it because I believed in the merits of the program, what it means for the next generation of drivers, and what it means for the sport as a whole,” said the team owner/driver. “As we continue to work through year two of COVID, some of the outside commitments we expected to have in place have not fully come to term.

“That said, with key support from Richard Mille and Champion Porsche, we’ve decided the best demonstration of our commitment to those merits is to keep Katherine in the car full-time while we continue to work toward funding the 88 as an all-female entry for remainder of the season.”