NASCAR podcast: Kip Childress

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NASCAR podcast: Kip Childress


NASCAR podcast: Kip Childress


Kip Childress wears two hats for NASCAR as the assistant Cup Series director and pace car driver. Childress joins The Racing Writer’s Podcast to discuss his roles and share a few stories on various topics:

• Explaining his responsibilities inside the garage, being a sounding board and go-to person for teams

• What it has been like to lead socially-distanced hauler parking during the COVID era

• If NASCAR officials have post-weekend race/rules reviews

• Being a third-generation official

• What goes into being the pace car driver and the importance of cruise control

• Funny pace car stories involving celebrities and Kyle Busch

• Why pace car drivers began wearing protective equipment

• The view from the pace car while parked under green and how much of the race Childress sees

• Leading the field to the green at the Daytona 500