MP 1000: Storytelling special, part 3

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MP 1000: Storytelling special, part 3


MP 1000: Storytelling special, part 3


We’re closing our celebrations for the milestone of reaching 1000 episodes of The Marshall Pruett Podcast with the third and final storytelling feature.

Three new guests join in with Willy T Ribbs, Ed Justice Jr, and we say farewell with an epic tale from the great Harley Cluxton who spins a legal yarn involving the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, a two-time 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning car, and a Mission Impossible adventure with an eight-figure payday.

WAYNE TAYLOR The Lime Rock Wrecking Ball
WILLY T RIBBS Champagne Fight In Del Mar
ED JUSTICE Jr SoCal Indy 500 Speed Kings
BRUCE CANEPA 1982 March 82G-Chevy And Daytona 24 Hour Ground Effects
ALLAN MCNISH Renault F1 Testing Contract Lessons
DAVID BRABHAM The F1 Car With Fenders
TONY DOWE Brabham Fan Car Wins In Sweden
LYN ST JAMES An Insane Indy 500 Debut
JIM BUSBY IMSA’s Firestarter
HARLEY CLUXTON Ford GT No. 1075, Tony George and the 6900% Profit