Ganassi Extreme E team to be subject of documentary series as part of new SEGI.TV partnership

Ganassi Extreme E team to be subject of documentary series as part of new SEGI.TV partnership

Extreme E

Ganassi Extreme E team to be subject of documentary series as part of new SEGI.TV partnership


Chip Ganassi Racing has entered a multiyear partnership with Sycamore Entertainment Group that will include primary sponsorship of the team’s Extreme E entry through Sycamore’s new streaming network SEGI.TV, and an activation plan that includes the creation of fly-on-the-wall documentary content covering CGR’s Extreme E campaign.

“I am very happy to bring a partner to our team like Sycamore Entertainment,” said Chip Ganassi. “They are really trying to be innovative with their new streaming service content, and I love that about them. I think that fits well with what we are trying to do with Extreme E. Innovation is one of our core values, and when you are innovative, I think you become relevant. As a team owner, I need to stay relevant in the industry, but also relevant in the social landscape. That is what I think Sycamore Entertainment, Extreme E and Chip Ganassi Racing all have in common, and I couldn’t be happier about this new relationship.”

SEGI.TV is a new free streaming service that is designed to engage the new culture of diverse audiences and filmmakers, built on the pillars of equality, sustainability, and community. The service is currently streaming on ROKU, and will be available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Samsung Smart Television in early 2021.

In what will be its first foray into original sports content production, SEGI.TV plans to use its Gansssi partnership as a springboard for the creating of a suite of documentary-style content.

“We’re going to be primarily focused on the team itself, and what goes into Extreme E, and introducing the world to Extreme E, because it’s going to be new to everybody,” Edward Sylvan, Sycamore Entertainment CEO, told RACER.

“That’s going to make up the majority of our content, and being close with the drivers and understanding their experience in competing in these new vehicles, and how the crew is going to be working to make sure that this team is competitive. There’s also going to be a lot of footage on the on the RMS St Helena (ED: the ship that serves as Extreme E’s floating paddock) as we travel from location to location – there’s going to be a lot of that footage of all of the scientific research that goes into the climate. We’re going to capture some of that, but we’re also going to capture the interaction between the team and the community and what impact they leave as they compete and then move on to the next race. So all of that’s going to be footage that we’ll capture, and then we can edit that down into multiple different content that we can share on multiple different platforms.”

The partnership between CGR and SEGI.TV has its beginnings in friendships between Sylvan and team members within Ganassi, but Sylvan told RACER that his desire to get involved with the sport has even deeper roots.

“I’ve been in love with motorsports since I was 10 years old,” he said. “I was an avid NASCAR watcher and IndyCar watcher, and followed Willy T. Ribbs. And when I got a little older, I wanted to become more than a spectator. So I figured the only racing I can do was to get involved in kart racing. So I bought a cart and joined Checkered Flag Racing up here in Canada, in Chilliwack. Our home track was Greg Moore Raceway. And there was a relationship between Greg Moore and his track and the owner of our racing team. I got a couple of podium finishes and qualified for the SuperNats, and racing’s been a love of mine ever since.”