Grosjean hospital stay extended; targets Abu Dhabi return

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Grosjean hospital stay extended; targets Abu Dhabi return

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Grosjean hospital stay extended; targets Abu Dhabi return


Romain Grosjean is set for another night in hospital for treatment on burns sustained in a crash during last weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, but wants to race in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix if his injuries allow.

The Frenchman suffered burns to the back of his hands in the first-lap accident, and has been in hospital for treatment since. Having already confirmed Grosjean will not race in the Sakhir Grand Prix this weekend, Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said the aims to return in Abu Dhabi the following week for the final race of the season.

“I didn’t speak to him yet (today) because he was at the doctors, but yesterday he was mentally very stable, very good about it,” Steiner said. “The guy which is with him today said he’s in very good spirits again – because I asked and he said ‘yeah he’s very good’ – and he just tries to get better to try and be in the car in Abu Dhabi. So I think that shows that he wants to keep on doing it.

“Absolutely (he wants to race). That is his aim now, to heal up, that he wants to do Abu Dhabi.”

Steiner also said Grosjean has asked him how the crash, which began when he moved across on Daniil Kvyat and made contact with the AlphaTauri, was triggered.

“He remembers how he wanted to get out, or how he got out, he explained that very well to me. What he asked me is ‘How did I end up there?’ and I said ‘You ran over Kvyat’s car, basically, you turned right and ran over his front wing, that turned you around and put you in the wall’.

“He said he didn’t see the car, but I don’t want to put words in his mouth and say he doesn’t remember it. I think he doesn’t realize what he did.”

On Monday Haas stated the treatment on the burns is going well and that Grosjean was set to be discharged from hospital on Tuesday, but Steiner said he is now likely to spend an extra night receiving further treatment to help his recovery.

“I just spoke with one of his guys, as he was with the doctor before; they did something with the burns,” he said. “I don’t know exactly what. He’s staying another night in the hospital, but it’s nothing to be preoccupied with. They just said it’s a safer environment, I guess mostly because of the burns. But everything is going good. His guy, just talked with him, told me the doctors are happy with him and the healing process is as they would have seen it coming. No setback or anything.