Legge focusing on 2021 return

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Legge focusing on 2021 return


Legge focusing on 2021 return


With her injuries close to being fully healed, Katherine Legge says she’ll be ready for a return to the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship when the new season kicks off in January.

Legge’s year came to an abrupt end after suffering multiple punctures and fracturing in a high-speed crash at the Paul Ricard circuit in France during the July ELMS round. Surgeries, physical therapy and strength training has dominated the Briton’s life since the incident, and despite a strong desire to return for this weekend’s IMSA finale at Sebring, Legge has opted to focus on returning to 100 percent before getting back to work.

“Recovery is going well, but it’s a longer process than I had expected,” she told RACER. “The doctors said at the beginning, ‘It’s going to take four months.’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, yeah, OK. It’s going to take four months for a normal person. I’m going to do it in two!’ Turns out…they were right…and it’s four months.

“My right ankle healed really quickly. The left leg is fine; it’s almost healed completely I would say. But after two months in a wheelchair, you lose so much muscle, so getting that back and the mobility has been hard, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been cleared to drive, which is great. Even when I was still in the wheelchair, I actually I drove the Ferrari Challenge car owned by the awesome lady I was coaching just to see whether I still could. After, I was like, ‘OK, I’ve still got it.’”

Between hour-long cycling sessions and other rehab-related activities, Legge has been busy lining up her next opportunities in IMSA and abroad. Following the post-Rolex 24 At Daytona collapse of the GEAR Racing powered by GRT Grasser Lamborghini Huracan GT3 team she was signed to drive for alongside Christina Nielsen, Legge and the Danish champion have continued their efforts to find a new WeatherTech Championship home.

“I’ve been working really hard behind the scenes as well to get myself opportunities for programs next year, because as soon as you’re out of the car, people forget about you and write you off or think maybe you’ve lost your nerve, and that’s not the case with me,” she said. “So I’ve been working a ton with Christina to make something happen, and feel good about our chances.

“I’m still a part of the Richard Mille ELMS (LMP2) crew for next year, and I’m also looking at some other bits and pieces. So I think it will be a really strong year, and I’m due to start testing in December. Even if only a couple of the things that are in the pipeline come together, I’m going to be a lucky race car driver again.”