Stewart welcomes Briscoe with a prank

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Stewart welcomes Briscoe with a prank


Stewart welcomes Briscoe with a prank


Tony Stewart knows a driver only learns they are going NASCAR Cup Series racing once in their lifetime, and the three-time champion wanted to make sure Chase Briscoe remembered his moment.

This week, Stewart-Haas Racing announced that Briscoe will take over the No. 14 Ford beginning next season. Briscoe will slot in for Clint Bowyer, who is retiring to join the Fox Sports booth. It is the next step in an incredible rise for Briscoe, whose full-time stock car career began in 2016 with an ARCA Series championship.

Briscoe has 11 wins in two Xfinity Series seasons with Stewart-Haas, and he’s created many supporters along the way. That includes, which will move into the Cup Series with Briscoe as his sponsor.

On its official Twitter page Wednesday, Stewart-Haas Racing posted a hidden camera video from Stewart’s house. As Briscoe explained on The Dale Jr. Download podcast, he and his family had been called to dinner at Stewart’s home a few days before. He was under the impression the gathering was to pressure the executives from to finalize Briscoe’s deal to be promoted. Little did Briscoe know, the deal had been done for over a week, and Stewart was pulling a prank.