The Week In IndyCar, May 13, listener Q&A

Image by Marshall Pruett archive

The Week In IndyCar, May 13, listener Q&A


The Week In IndyCar, May 13, listener Q&A


Questions submitted from fans via social media make up this week’s edition of the podcast. Among the items covered:

  • “Is there concern about starting the season on a high-speed oval? Drivers have been out of cars for a long time. Lots of track time in one day for drivers not race-conditioned. Texas is a scary place to brush the cobwebs off. Plus some rookies will start their very first IndyCar race there.”
  • “What driver clone would you want around? I am thinking Rossi for me, he is a neat freak, probably doesn’t eat much, is a smartass and would be fun for track days.”
  • “For those of us who aren’t familiar, can you give us the ‘inside baseball’ on what kind of data the teams have available on the timing stand when their cars are on track?”
  • “While replacing a turbine hydraulic line last week and cussing the GE engineer that apparently decided to build the engine around the stupid thing, I pondered if you had a particular maintenance task you loathed during your time wrenching on race cars?”

Listener Q&A begins at the 14m46s mark in the episode.