Taking a different line

Taking a different line

Track Rekord offers highly personalized coaching to track day drivers

Driving and racing schools are nothing new. The most established among them have been with us for more than four decades. At the other end of the spectrum, driver coaching has become increasingly commonplace within the semi-professional and professional ranks.

The gap between the two is what Track Rekord aims to fill. Established by professional drivers and instructors Kai Goddard and Andy Lee, Track Rekord offers private coaching services to drivers who participate in track-day events or are pursuing some level of competitive racing.

“We founded Track Rekord for people who want to drive faster, more comfortably and safely at a track of their choice,” says Goddard, “and we made it possible by building a network of skilled, professional driver coaches around North America who can come to wherever the client needs them to be.”

Goddard, Lee and their network of professional driver coaches have, or had, a working relationship with one or more of the established racing and driving schools.

While they say that these schools still provide a valuable foundation, and many of their clients are graduates of one of them, Track Rekord is unique in that it offers a high level of personalized coaching.

“What sets Track Rekord apart is that we can coach our clients in their cars at their home track,” continues Lee. “For the most part, once a student graduates from an established school, the odds are that they are never going to drive that specific car or track ever again. So we go to where they actually drive and coach them to get the best out of the car they’re in now.”

Getting pro-level insights, clients receive session debriefs with sophisticated data analysis on the spot.

Track Rekord has a growing network of 20 highly experienced instructors, many of whom are still actively racing professionally. Each can be booked for all or part of a day, up to as many days as a client needs.

In order to understand their specific needs and objectives, every client relationship begins with a discussion prior to arriving at the track. Experienced track drivers commonly feel they have plateaued and are looking for some objective analysis to help break through to the next level. At the other end of the scale are drivers who are new to track-day events and need coaching to help them get up to speed more quickly. Track Rekord can even go so far as to help those who have just purchased a new car understand its capabilities and limits under the guidance of a pro.

“Track Rekord doesn’t use a set curriculum or method,” explains Goddard. “Every client has differing needs, experiences and circumstances. Until we spend some time observing their driving and talking through how they feel behind the wheel, we can’t begin to give them feedback.”

It’s not all down to observation. Track Rekord coaches come equipped with a portable LITPro data system and video cameras that easily mount onto any car. Together with the client, Track Rekord coaches use the data systems and videos to pinpoint areas for improvement and compare the client’s laps to the instructor’s. Coaches also routinely ride in the right seat to offer real time coaching, as well as lead-follow sessions where possible.

“It all comes down to the personal relationship we develop with each client,” says Lee. “Our coaches are there for you and you alone. We don’t split time with several clients at once and most of the time we’re with you from breakfast until dinner, building that bond of trust which is a key factor in making our clients better drivers.”

Track Rekord offers individual coaching starting at $850 for a half day, not including expenses such as track fees and travel costs. Insurance is available through OpenTrack, specialists in HDPE and track-day coverage. Track Rekord can also help facilitate track access and vehicle rental if needed. Small group coaching is also available, with fees based on the number of participants and skill levels.

At select track-day events, Track Rekord coaches can be available on a per-session basis. Novice drivers will spend time understanding the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, the driving line, and a variety of high-performance driving techniques. More experienced drivers can focus on particular areas where tenths of a second are to be found. No matter the skill level, Track Rekord seeks to exceed each driver’s goals with safety in mind. To learn more, visit trackrekord.com.

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