Human Centricity

Human Centricity

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Human Centricity


If the Mazda brand stands for a feeling, an emotion, then people are at the core of everything we do. Machines don’t have emotions and can’t “feel alive.” However, the interaction between people and our cars can ignite and fuel passionate feelings. Our obligation as humans is to uplift other humans and in pursuing dreams of racing, Mazda drivers young and old are inspiring others to follow their own dreams. That inspiration enriches other’s lives and leads them to a heightened state that ultimately uplifts them.

While on the surface racing can seem like a somewhat selfish pursuit, the outward manifestation is the impact a racer’s dedication and commitment to his or her sport has on others can be a powerful motivator. Many Mazda racers can attest to the joy and excitement on a young child’s face when he or she gets to experience a race and meets a racing driver for the first time. Likewise, when others among us with more experience get to meet their own racing heroes, that same feeling of inspiration and enrichment is there.

Motorsports is defined by its people and Mazda Motorsports is fortunate to enjoy relationships with some truly inspiring people among our teams, drivers and fans.

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