Kvyat angered by late penalty

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Kvyat angered by late penalty

Formula 1

Kvyat angered by late penalty


Daniil Kvyat was left angered by a 10-second time penalty that dropped him out of the points at the end of the Mexican Grand Prix.

On the final lap, Kvyat attempted to pass Nico Hulkenberg on the inside of the penultimate corner and tapped the Renault into the wall. Kvyat originally finished in ninth place as Hulkenberg dropped to 11th behind Pierre Gasly, and when asked about the incident the Russian said it was his last chance to try and pass.

“Well, it was last lap, last corner,” Kvyat said. “Obviously he was struggling with his tires then I tried to put my nose there and he shut the door so we’ll see, I don’t know how the stewards will see it, but it felt to me last lap, last corner, you need to fight.

“Very satisfying day, very strong race, we did two stops in the end, we were forced to two stop starting on the soft tire, so it was tricky since the beginning but we managed the race very well.”

When the decision was then announced that Kvyat would be given a ten-second time penalty and drop out of the points he replied: “Yeah? F**k them!”

Hulkenberg, on the other hand, felt that Kvyat deserved a penalty but was understanding of how the incident occurred, admitting his race was a struggle as he was eventually classified 10th.

“Yeah, that was P9 but that was also not really too great, to be honest,” Hulkenberg said. “I think strategy wise we didn’t really hit it on the nail today — we just stopped a bit too early, too keen, then the second stint was very long, very difficult at the end with tires that were dying.

“Last lap just racing with Dani. I mean, obviously he does push me into the wall, I left significant space on the inside. He’s trying which you have to as a racing driver so just one of these things in racing.”