NASCAR interview: Parker Kligerman

Image by Nigel Kinrade/LAT

NASCAR interview: Parker Kligerman


NASCAR interview: Parker Kligerman


Parker Kligerman just might be the busiest man in motorsports. Kligerman is a part-time NASCAR Cup and Truck Series driver, broadcaster with NBC Sports during the week and on the weekends, has his own company, a TV show, and co-owns an e-sports racing team. Somehow, Kligerman admits on this week’s podcast, he’s still searching for what he wants to do for the next 20 years as he tries to make peace with how his racing career turned out.

“Earlier this year I admitted I still struggle with the TV thing,” Kligerman says. “I think I’m far more at peace with the idea of my role and starting to see the bigger picture of what I can add to the sport.”

Like many, Kligerman’s only dream was to be a successful driver, and it hasn’t gone to plan. In this podcast interview, he talks about his journey and as well as:

  • His crazy travel schedule as he’s based in Connecticut but routinely travels to Charlotte for television and for race weekends
  • Whether he feels creatively fulfilled with all he’s involved in
  • Being a driver interviewing other drivers, and the specific approach Kligerman takes with his questions
  • How much longer does he plan on trying to be a race car driver, or does he ever think of giving it all up?
  • How Kligerman’s appreciation for racing has changed through the years
  • Predictions for the playoffs (in all three series)

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