Profile: Racing CEO Dinah Weisberg

Profile: Racing CEO Dinah Weisberg

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Profile: Racing CEO Dinah Weisberg


Dinah Weisberg runs a business during the week, races Mazdas on the weekends

One week after driving a Mazda Miata to victory at the SCCA U.S. Majors Tour at Mid-Ohio, Dinah Weisberg was back on track in a different Miata to compete with Touring Car America at Sonoma Raceway.

Weisberg is racing an ND1 Global Mazda MX-5 Cup car with Copeland Motorsports, but this is not her first foray in this series — she and husband John ran in the Touring Car category several years ago with NC MX-5s. This time, though, she’s tackling things a bit differently.

“We like World Challenge a lot,” she says. “Previously, we ran a Mazda that we are now running in the Majors. We just didn’t want to be the ones running the [race] team this year because it’s a lot to take on, especially since I run a business. It’s a family business and it’s extremely demanding.”

Weisberg is president and CEO of Redcom Laboratories, Inc., a company founded by her parents that makes communications equipment for military and emergency responders. She says that much of what she does in racing translates to her job, and also notes that, since her company deals with the military, that those who seek a career in that arena and racing often have the same type of personality. She also finds that her technical background, with a degree in computer science, is useful in her racing endeavors.

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