IMSA renews 'Green Racing' commitment

Image by Scott LePage/LAT

IMSA renews 'Green Racing' commitment


IMSA renews 'Green Racing' commitment


Launched at the Detroit Auto Show in 2008 by the American Le Mans Series, its modern successors at IMSA have redoubled its commitment to Green Racing initiatives in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and SAE International.

In an announcement made today at Detroit’s Belle Isle, site of IMSA’s Chevy Sports Car Classic race on Saturday, series officials confirmed their intent to seek new low-emission and sustainability initiatives in the future.

“By taking a fresh look at the Green Racing protocols, and IMSA Green, we are taking steps to ensure sports car racing continues to thrive in a rapidly changing mobility landscape which is focused on a reduced carbon emission future,” said IMSA President Scott Atherton (pictured above). “In doing so, IMSA can showcase that racing can be used to develop and validate innovations while remaining exciting and sustainable for decades to come and be attractive to automotive partners, participants, sponsors and most importantly fans.”

Drawing from the groundwork established by the ALMS and government agencies more than a decade ago, IMSA wants to re-energize Green Racing as a core component of its practices and promotions.

“We are pleased to be working with IMSA to expand the series’ work on sustainability,” said Chris Grundler, Director of EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality. “With this agreement, IMSA is committing to a wide variety of actions that will lead to reduced air pollution, less fuel use, and will move the racing community towards more sustainable practices.”

IMSA outlined some of the possibilities it sees in the months and years ahead for its championship.

“IMSA Green can be a proving ground for manufacturers to showcase advances in these areas through IMSA’s seven sanctioned championships. Its own initiatives include tire usage reductions and the development of alternate-blend fuels. Future programs will go beyond race cars and can envelop an entire event weekend providing the public with information on relevant, advanced technologies that produce clean and efficient production vehicles they might drive in the future.

“Besides introducing a hybrid powertrain in our top racing class with DPi 2022, IMSA’s future plans could include the adoption of ETCR (fully electric TCR platform) combined with an ePrototype platform.

“IMSA has also become an affiliate of the EPA SmartWay Program which assists companies in using more efficient transport modes, equipment and operational strategies. These initiatives help reduce freight transportation-related emissions by accelerating the use of advanced fuel-saving technologies. As a SmartWay Affiliate, IMSA can play a key role in supporting these objectives by improving fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and saving money within its transport sector. IMSA will serve as a high-profile Affiliate, informing its partners about the benefits of the SmartWay program and encouraging the use of its technologies and protocols.

“IMSA is also exploring the implementation of solar energy within the pits and paddock to help offset traditional energy sources. It will also look to showcase manufacturer hybrid and electric powered production cars for hot lap and pace car deployment at its events.”