Palm Beach International Raceway to host NJMP Club drivers

Palm Beach International Raceway to host NJMP Club drivers

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Palm Beach International Raceway to host NJMP Club drivers


Welcome to sunny South Florida.

Bertil Roos Racing School will welcome members and guests of the New Jersey Motorsports Park Driver’s Club to a high-performance driving event at Palm Beach International Raceway on January 29-30.

The event will allow drivers and their guests to escape the winter blues and enjoy seat time in a tropical setting. Palm Beach International Raceway offers a unique set of challenges with a 2.2-mile road course, an FIA-certified, 10-turn circuit with some of the fastest and most challenging corners in North America.

An approved IndyCar testing facility, it showcases a seamless table-top smooth finish, full lighting, soft barriers and run-off areas.

Bertil Roos Racing School graduate Merrill Quintrell described what’s it’s like to go through Turn 9 at PBIR:

“Off the brakes, it’s now or never. You crank in some steering and blip the throttle,” he said “The car is suddenly loose, and the front end starts rotating around the apex like its nose is tethered to a pole. As the exit swings into center vision, you push the throttle down hard and the rear of the car magically plants. You’re back on your line as you rocket toward the exit. You just survived Turn 9, for another lap. Now it’s time to pull out the playbook for Turn 10 and do it all over again.

“You are all by yourself. It’s just you and the car, and you’re in heaven.”

Attendees are welcome to bring their own cars for the heavenly experience or they can try one of Bertil Roos’ R/T-2000 Formula cars for the day.

Professional Bertil Roos instructors will be on hand for any drivers looking for additional coaching or some track secrets. A track walk is being offering the evening of Jan. 28 for those attending one of the next two days.

Bertil Roos Racing School looks forward to seeing familiar faces at another first-class facility. To sign up for this unique event, New Jersey Motorsports Park racers should call 1-800-RACE-NOW.