IndyCar to stay with E85 fuel through 2020

Image by Michael Levitt/LAT

IndyCar to stay with E85 fuel through 2020


IndyCar to stay with E85 fuel through 2020


The change from IndyCar fuel vendor Sunoco to new partner Speedway will include a continuation of same grade of product that’s been in use since 2012.

“We’re sticking with E85 ethanol,” IndyCar competition president Jay Frye told RACER. “There will be no changes considered until the new engine formula comes in 2021. And for 2021, it would just be the first time we take the opportunity to decide if we want to change to the type of fuel to something different than E85, or stay with it. But for the next two seasons, it’s the same fuel specs, same everything.”

IndyCar came to the decision after consulting its engine suppliers at Chevy and Honda whose 2.2-liter twin-turbo V6s power the entire field.

“They were certainly involved and up to speed as this process went along with testing and different things,” Frye added. “It had to be a very seamless transition and Speedway has done a great job of providing and getting the manufacturers everything they need. The manufacturers have been great also and a part of the process of the transition too.

“So far it’s been very seamless and we also think that Speedway is going to do a great job on the marketing side. They’ve got big plans for big promotions, which will be really exciting. So it’s all pointing in the right direction.”