Haas intends to appeal Force India decision

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Haas intends to appeal Force India decision

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Haas intends to appeal Force India decision


Haas has lodged its intention to appeal the dismissal of its protest against Force India at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but Guenther Steiner admits he has yet to read the full reasoning.

A protest was lodged on Thursday against the legality of the Force India entries, with Haas claiming neither car was eligible to race in the championship as they were designed and built by a different constructor. Force India went into administration in the summer and had to return as a new entrant — Racing Point Force India — after the assets were sold to new ownership.

While that protest was rejected by the stewards in Abu Dhabi, part of the decision stated the current Force India is a new team rather than a continuation of the former, which Haas has been arguing in a dispute over past constructors’ championship payments.

“I’m going to think on Monday and Tuesday about it, that is what my idea is,” Steiner said. “Therefore you file an intent of appeal, that’s it.”

Steiner remains coy about whether the ruling is actually a type of victory for Haas, having received clarity over the stewards viewing Force India as a new team, saying he turned his focus to track action as soon as the verdict was received.

“To be honest — and this is honest — I didn’t read the whole document because we got it when we started going [in FP3], you know. We’ve got a good car, I didn’t focus on enough on the weekend and this is what I enjoy.

“This [protest], I have to do it, it’s part of my job, but it’s like I said, file an intent of appeal and then we go from there. It was two days of just thinking of this stuff and I was done with it, so I just have to speak to my legal advisors and then we will see what we do.”

However, Steiner insists the situation does not yet clarify the issue of whether Force India should be allowed to receive constructors’ prize money that was owed to the former entry, and doesn’t rule out taking the matter further to court in either the US or UK.

“As I said, I’ll think about it when I’m back in the office [this week]. I don’t want to do it when I’m at the racetrack, I’ve got so many other things to do and I would like tomorrow to have a good race and have a good end to the season. This can wait. The race tomorrow is done, so hopefully we can enjoy that one.”

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