“Dinner with Racers” set to release final 2018 episodes

“Dinner with Racers” set to release final 2018 episodes


“Dinner with Racers” set to release final 2018 episodes


Continuing their new-for-2018 format of releasing a smaller “batch” of episodes periodically throughout the year, “Dinner with Racers” has unveiled their final group of 2018 recordings, including eight new episodes available for download now.

Based on a series of cross-country road trips in which hosts Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman sit down to “dinner” with a number of personalities across the motorsport spectrum, the final series of releases takes particular attention to some of the legends of the sport, as well as paying special homage to the series’ roots in sportscar by highlighting some of the lesser known figures.

The latest series of releases includes six recordings during an August trip throughout Florida and Georgia, as well as 12 additional recordings taken most recently in October and November, where the duo drove 8,000 miles across 20 states.

With the series’ usual attention to off-beat and lesser known stories, highlights of the upcoming releases include horse cremation, space photography, multiple discussions of the late-Fast Masters racing series, and Bobby Unser’s take on the infamous “turkey story.”

“We’re really excited to get this latest batch out,” stated Dinner with Racers co-host Ryan Eversley. “We’ve been fortunate over the years to have such a wide variety of guests, that we really wanted to focus on some legacy characters this time around, as there are some amazing stories that really tell the history in a way that only our guests could reveal. Similarly, since our roots are in sportscar, we wanted to pay special attention to some of our favorite characters, which we’re sure everyone will enjoy.”

For co-host Sean Heckman, a similar sentiment is shared.


Eight episodes are out now, with several additional slated for December.

Available Now:

Ryan Dalziel

Charles Espenlaub

Ozz Negri

Pierre Kleinubing

Joe Varde

Jack Baldwin

Releasing December:

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits

Derek Bell

Terry Earwood

Steve Gough

Paul “Decal” Kelly

Drew Feustel

Bobby Unser

Linda Vaughn

Dennis Aase

Bobby Allison

Todd Bodine

Dave Despain