No quick fix for Williams – Kubica

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No quick fix for Williams – Kubica

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No quick fix for Williams – Kubica


Robert Kubica hopes his experience helps fast-track Williams’s improvement after driving for the team twice in the past week in Barcelona.

Williams has had a difficult start to the season, and its car was particularly tricky to drive at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, where the team was slowest in most sessions during the Spanish Grand Prix. Having run in FP1 – his first such appearance for over seven years – Kubica was again driving during testing on Wednesday, and admitted that he wishes the team had a quicker car so it didn’t need to lean on his experience as much.

“I think we’d be happier to have a car that goes two seconds per lap faster than being in this situation, but I’m here to help,” Kubica said. “If the team decided to let me drive this day, to give me this job to do and this running plan, then I was happy to help them and happy they appreciate it.

“I did try my best, as always, and I think we have quite a lot of data, so now we we’ll have a busy time at home.”

Reflecting on a test day during which he completed over 120 laps, Kubica says the main focus was on understanding the car’s behavior, but warned the understanding gained during testing will not result in an immediate step forward.

“The conclusions are that there will be a lot of things to look at, to analyze and double-check,” he said. “There were quite a lot of things going on, with gathering data and trying to get on top of our issues. It was an interesting day from the driver’s point of view, but I think it was an even more interesting day from the aero point of view and for the guys at the factory to now have a look and see what we can get out of it.

“The route to follow, I think, is quite clear where we have an issue. Let’s say what the balance is we know. We probably need to find the best way of fixing it, with the limited time we have to be as fast as possible. For sure there are a few things we need to sort out, but that’s not something we’re going to be able to do in 24 hours.”