NASCAR podcast: Penske spotter Joey Meier

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NASCAR podcast: Penske spotter Joey Meier


NASCAR podcast: Penske spotter Joey Meier


Joey Meier, Brad Keselowski’s longtime spotter, with a bird’s-eye view of Bristol.

One of the most important variables of racing at Talladega Superspeedway this weekend will be situated high above the racetrack: the spotter.

Joey Meier is one of the best in the business, and when it comes to restrictor-plate racing, he works for one of the best in the game, Brad Keselowski. This weekend, Keselowski is trying for his sixth Talladega victory, and if he does so, Meier will be given a lot of credit for making it happen.

Meier and Keselowski have worked together since 2006, and Meier even flies Keselowski’s plane. That close relationship translates to the racetrack with Meier describing it as a “marriage of communication.”


For the No. 2 Team Penske group, that means Meier is continually talking and giving Keselowski information he needs so he can make the right moves. For those who have tuned in to the group’s radio during a race, it’s a fascinating and educational experience.

“I compare spotting for Brad as watching the weather channel,” said Meier. “What time does the local weather come on? It’s weather on the eights. So, if you have the weather channel on in the background and you’re doing jobs around the house, weather on the eights, all of a sudden your ears haven’t been staring at the TV but you hear weather on the eights and you pick up, you have to go listen to the TV.

“It’s still playing, it didn’t change the channel, but now you’re going to listen to weather on the eights. You’re going to pick what up what you want to hear, you’re not going to turn the TV off, you’re going to go back to doing what you were doing. That’s what Brad does. Brad is not utilizing every piece of information I have, but when he wants it, he wants it. So, he picks and chooses what he listens to. He just wants it there all the time.”

Hear that and more in this week’s podcast with Kelly Crandall.

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