PODCAST: 'Dinner with Racers' remembers Alan Kulwicki

PODCAST: 'Dinner with Racers' remembers Alan Kulwicki


PODCAST: 'Dinner with Racers' remembers Alan Kulwicki


Alan Kulwicki is a true legend of NASCAR, and on April 1, 2018, we remember him 25 years after he was lost. For both of our hosts, Alan has been a long-time hero, yet there really hasn’t been a lot of stories told on NASCAR’s last true independent champion. With that in mind, we went on a special trip throughout March, 2018, that spanned 4,000 miles across 5 states, meeting with 12 people along the way to talk solely about the man.

In our first of four episodes, we explore Alan Kulwicki, the Wisconsin racer. Follow along as we learn what he was like from his early years in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This episode features Tom Jensen from the NASCAR Hall of Fame to set up the story, Jeff Braun, his engineer-in-crime during the heydays of his Wisconsin ASA days, Jim Tretow, a Wisconsin radio host and track announcer who sheds some light on the scene, Greg Krieger, one of Alan’s very first car builders, and John Janik, who was Alan’s crew chief during his final years in Wisconsin before they both decided to move south in pursuit of NASCAR dreams:


In our second episode, we explore Alan Kulwicki, the NASCAR champion. Follow along as we hear the story of how he went from an underfunded rookie in 1986, to winning a championship in 1992 as both a driver and owner, and with only a portion of the funding of his competitors. This episode features Tom “T.R.” Roberts, his PR man throughout his career, Peter Jellen, the team’s truck driver in the final years, and closing with Paul Andrews, who gives an emotional account of his time as the team’s crew chief:


In our third episode, we explore Alan Kulwicki, the untold stories. This episode doesn’t follow any chronology or biographical path… this is just a hodgepodge of awesome stories that shed some insight on the man that few people got to know. We introduce Doug Mayr, his best friend, who has no shortage of off-the-track stories, Father Dale Grubba, his Priest who was extremely candid in tales you wouldn’t expect him to tell, Stan Johnson, the man who helped him with many sponsorships, and re-visits from Tom Roberts, Paul Andrews, and more:


In our fourth and final episode, we look back on that fateful day of April 1, 1993. Hear the accounts of Tom Roberts, Peter Jellen, and Paul Andrews on just what it was they went through. Following his legacy, we hear from “Captain Bob,” who was instrumental in starting Kulwicki Park in Greenfield, Wisconsin, Tom Roberts on the Kulwicki Driver Development Program, as well as Tom Jensen on the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the bid to get him inducted. Closing remarks from Doug Mayr, Tom Roberts, Paul Andrews, and Father Dale Grubba:


Help us support the bid to get Alan in to the NASCAR Hall of Fame by visiting nascar.com/halloffame and by using #AK4HoF in social media.