NASCAR to share data across teams

NASCAR to share data across teams


NASCAR to share data across teams


For the first time in a few years, NASCAR had no major news to announce going into the pre-season Media Tour.

Austin Dillon, however, let the cat out of the bag about something that will be happening for teams this year. NASCAR has confirmed it is going to begin sharing data information among teams. Included will be steering, braking, throttle and RPM.

All of this is information teams could already track if they used public programs – which fans can also use – on NASCAR digital platforms, such as “RaceView.”

As the news was relayed to the drivers throughout the day, it caught many of them off guard. But they quickly expressed reasons for being against such a move.

“That’s entirely not fair,” said Kyle Busch. “I’d rather just disconnect all my stuff to begin with so nobody gets to see it.”

Including his teammates?

“Absolutely,” Busch said. “I’d much rather just not have anybody be able to see anything. Even if I’m behind, I feel like I’m better at being able to catch up than just being able to hand my data to somebody else and say, ‘here, here it is, this is how you do it’. That’s not good.”

Erik Jones admitted that as a rookie last he took advantage of being able to see his teammates’ information. But he can also understand why drivers like Busch would not be happy about their information there for the taking and to be copied.

Matt DiBenedetto was very interested in the move. The driver of the No. 32 Ford for Go Fas Racing, an organization with a much lower budget than most teams, DiBenedetto said the public information wouldn’t do much to overcome the financial difference or assist with aerodynamics, but it can still help.

“Any resource that you can have at this level, no matter what it is or how small, you have to be so perfect at everything at the Cup level that anything that we can get our hands on is going to benefit us, for sure,” DiBenedetto said. “We would definitely be on it, for sure, if we could get any sort of access to data.”

When told of the move Chris Buescher responded, “I think that [is what’s] so beneficial about having teammates, and for single-car teams or teams that don’t have all the telemetry, that’s bound to help. I feel like we were able to look at a lot of that stuff already and to compare between team Chevrolet drivers or just our [JTG] drivers within the team.

“It’s interesting to see exactly how much will be shared and when and if it will be more of a live data or something given after a weekend. Not sure how I feel on that.”