Keselowski: France needs to spend more time at the track

Keselowski: France needs to spend more time at the track


Keselowski: France needs to spend more time at the track


Brad Keselowski doesn’t want to be a NASCAR official, because with so much abuse from those on the outside, he believes it looks like one of the worst jobs ever.

But the Penske driver was pressed during his session on the Media Tour about what he would change in NASCAR if he could. And even after admitting he could get in trouble with such a question, he didn’t shy away.

“I would change to where the leader of the sport is at the race track every weekend,” Keselowski said.

NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France has faced backlash before about his lack of visibility. In 2016, Tony Stewart was outspoken concerning France’s infrequent appearances at the track, and also expressed that France should be involved in driver council meetings instead of having others report to him.

Working behind the scenes, France has often maintained that he operates differently than his father, Bill France Jr., and grandfather, NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. Relying on executives to handle business at the race tracks, France sees little need to regularly attend events himself.

“It’s important for any company that relies so heavily on outside partners to have a direct interface,” Keselowski said.

“This is such a big shift with so much going on week to week, and with some respect, I would say that it’s impossible for the sport to be managed with someone being here every week because the travel situations being what they are and the different things that come up, and I completely understand that.

“But I think on the other side of that, to some extent, you have to be here.”

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