Misconceptions of battery maintenance

Misconceptions of battery maintenance

Mazda Motorsports

Misconceptions of battery maintenance


Mazda Motorsports turned to the leader in battery chargers – Battery Tender – to clear up some common misconceptions about batteries that lead to battery pitfalls.

By Dan Williams, engineer, Battery Tender:

There is a lot of misinformation out there. One is that a 12-volt lead acid battery has a maximum voltage of 12 volts when it is fully charged.

Batteries are constantly going dead from vehicles with newer electronics or ones that are only being driven every so often. People naturally assume that if they disconnect the battery from the vehicle that the drain on the battery will cease.

For a quick overview, disconnecting the battery from the motorcycle (or vehicle) electrical system does make perfect sense to avoid the continuous drain of electrical / electronic parasitic loads. The amount of some vehicle parasitic current draw is significant, relative to the size of the battery.

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