Patrick in frame for second DRR Indy 500 seat

Patrick in frame for second DRR Indy 500 seat


Patrick in frame for second DRR Indy 500 seat


Dennis Reinbold has made a sizable investment in his Verizon IndyCar Series team ahead of the 2018 season with an intent to run two cars at the Indy 500 and more races afterwards, if possible.

His Indianapolis-based Dreyer & Reinbold Racing team is expected to have Sage Karam back in one of its Chevy-powered entries, and with growing interest for a second DRR Indy entry – possibly for Danica Patrick – new cars have been ordered from Dallara.

“We’ve got two new DW12s coming from them,” Reinbold told RACER. “And I do plan to run a second car at Indy. I have spoken with her people, but I don’t know where we’re at with them.”

Patrick and GoDaddy announced their reunion for her Daytona 500 and Indy 500 farewell tour this morning, and Reinbold says the great NASCAR season-opener in February is likely her first priority to solidify.

“We haven’t heard from her group for a little while, and I assume they’re working on Danica’s NASCAR plans first, since she wants to do Daytona and that’s right around the corner,” he said. “You know how it is in the offseason. We’ve spoken with everybody, heard from everybody, and she isn’t the only one we’re in conversation with.”

Although the DW12 chassis is in its final years of action ahead of its replacement tentatively scheduled for 2020 or 2021, Reinbold has found enough value in the series’ current state to spend money on new cars.

“I’m pretty happy with how things are evolving in IndyCar, so I’m willing to do more and push harder on our end to do more things,” he said. “And I’m really happy to get to a place where we can run two cars.

“It solidifies us in the future if we decide to do more races, because we’ll have all the equipment we need. We’ll have three cars total, so we can do two at Indy, at minimum, without fear for spares or anything else. With three cars, we have all kinds of options.”

A farewell association with Chevy, which would place Patrick in a Camaro ZL1 NASCAR entry at Daytona and a Dallara DW12 propelled by the brand’s twin-turbo V6 powerplant, is also rumored to be part of her negotiations.