Slot car spotlight: Pfannapolis Motor Speedway

Slot car spotlight: Pfannapolis Motor Speedway


Slot car spotlight: Pfannapolis Motor Speedway


Take a look at the racing world in miniature at “Pfannapolis Motor Speedway,” a 1/32 scale slot car circuit created by RACER founder and CEO Paul Pfanner in Laguna Beach, Calif. Construction began in 2002 and development is ongoing.


After 52 years of cruel abuse and a confused existence in the wrong color (green), the Strombecker Lotus 19 that competed at the original Pfannapolis Motor Speedway is ready to race again. A modern MRRC Sebring chassis with a M/T Racing SL-1 14,700 RPM motor now sits under the modified and detailed body. Dan Gurney (head from Immense Miniatures) is at the wheel and ready to take the Arciero Brothers Lotus to victory against the other similarly updated Lotus 19s on the grid.

Visit the Pfannapolis Motor Speedway Facebook page for more views of the circuit and its slot car inhabitants. And hear more about the project from Pfanner in the podcast below.

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