Jeff Gordon appears on 'Undeniable with Joe Buck'

Jeff Gordon appears on 'Undeniable with Joe Buck'


Jeff Gordon appears on 'Undeniable with Joe Buck'


NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon is the subject of this week’s episode of Undeniable with Joe Buck, which airs on DIRECTV’s AUDIENCE Network. During the hour-long interview, Gordon discusses a variety of topics from his career on the track.

The four-time NASCAR Cup Series champ turned Fox Sports analyst says in the interview that during his driving career, his Hendrick Motorsports team argued with him to make the races closer because it was better for the sport of NASCAR, but he didn’t care how exciting the races were as long as he won. After a while, he was convinced to keeping the races within four seconds, so it would be more interesting for the fans watching on TV and at the track:

Later in the interview, Gordon discusses another one of NASCAR’s all-time greats, Dale Earnhardt. Gordon says he looked up to and respected Earnhardt, and always enjoyed racing and learning from him. Earnhardt always worried him because he had his own stance on the level of comfort he wanted in the car and, as a result, he wasn’t necessarily as safe as the other drivers:

Gordon tells Buck about how owner Rick Hendrick discovered him after he winning a race in Atlanta. While watching the race, Hendrick saw the way Gordon was driving and told his friends he wanted to stay for the end of the race because he knew Gordon was going to wreck. However, Gordon didn’t wreck and ultimately won the race. It was this performance that made drove Hendrick to wanting Gordon on his team:

The full interview airs on this week’s episode of Undeniable with Joe Buck on DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse’s AUDIENCE Network and DIRECTV NOW Wednesday, Dec. 20 at 8pm ET/PT.