A personal coaching experience

A personal coaching experience

Mazda Motorsports

A personal coaching experience


Mazda Motorsports gave its club racers at the SCCA Runoffs the opportunity to have video and data reviewed by its pros at Indy. Did it help?

MazdaMotorsports.com has featured a lot of articles on coaching – the benefits, how to get the most out of a coaching session, how to find a coach. At the 2017 SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Mazda Motorsports made that last part easy; the team brought some of its professional drivers – Tom Long, Jonathan Bomarito and Joel Miller – to Indy to provide free video and data review for Mazda racers. But is a 30-minute review of video really going to help? Journalist turned club racer Richard S. James can say, unequivocally, that the answer is “yes.”

“Given the choice of the three drivers, I chose Tom for a couple of reasons,” says Richard. “First, I’ve done a lot of features with Tom over the years, so I feel like I know his presenting style. Second, he has a lot of time in Spec Miata, Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge and in developing the Global MX-5 Cup car, so I felt his experience was most relevant. And, finally, I was reasonably sure he wouldn’t laugh upon reviewing my video and data (I’m joking, of course – none of these professionals would laugh, no matter how much I gave them cause to).”

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