Spec Miata Tips for Mid-Ohio

Spec Miata Tips for Mid-Ohio

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Spec Miata Tips for Mid-Ohio


Tips about Mid-Ohio from the Spec Miata master…
Justin Hille of Canfield, Ohio stormed through the Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course the first weekend of June while competing in the the SCCA U.S. Majors Tour in Spec Miata. Taking both wins – one on Saturday and one on Sunday – Hille showed he has mastered the 15-turn, 2.4 mile road circuit. Mazda Motorsports turned to Justin Hille for insight into just how he did it.

This track is unlike most around, as you really need to set the car up to turn right. The “keyhole” is a “key” corner, as this is where most all of the passes are set up. You need to be able to get to the gas EARLY and have the car as free as possible from mid-corner to exit. If you feel the car is bound up in the middle of the corner, or the front tires are losing grip, you may have to adjust the car.

My go-to adjustment is adding cross weight, or depending on how the balance is left to right, change rake. Some of the lines you will be taking may seem unconventional, but that is only because of the super sticky sealer they have laid down on the asphalt. If you can position your car on that, you are golden.

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