BLOG: Show time with Jonathan Summerton

BLOG: Show time with Jonathan Summerton


BLOG: Show time with Jonathan Summerton


OK, so how many of you have been to an auto show before? Yeah, I thought so – pretty much every single one of you. Well, this was my first auto show ever! I know you are thinking, “Yeah, right,” but it is. I guess I picked the right one to attend for my first time. The Chicago Auto Show was…massive. Pretty much every car manufacturer was there and lots of cool new concepts up on their podiums.

I was there for the media days on Thursday and Friday thus giving me a lot of time to see all the cars up close and personal without all the crowds there this week. It was also a great chance to meet many of the executives at the car manufacturers. I walked around the show and saw the launch of a couple of new cars, along with seeing the highly talked-about Chevy Corvette Stingray. Ford also released a pretty awesome truck called the Atlas, which is a huge pickup.

Lexus had their LFA there, which has to be the most beautiful-sounding car on the market. I of course had to experience all that the show had, so I went on the Jeep off road course along with the SRT driving experience at Dodge. I must say that Jeep Rubicon has some awesome off road capabilities.

After viewing the show I had to settle down to get a little business done – working on a ride for this season. I had been in talks with Lotus F1 team about being their third driver this season but things just didn’t align at the right time. In Chicago I was meeting about Global RallyCross for this season. I had some great meetings and was able to meet up with Ken Block, Brian Deegan, and Tanner Foust (RIGHT). Got to have some fun with them during the show along with meeting Ford Racing Director Jamie Allison, who was full of enthusiasm about the launch of the new Ford ST RallyCross car. The car looked awesome in the Ford Racing ST livery.

I am constantly training and ready to go preparing for racing this season. I am working hard on developing relationships with sponsors ready to go after the RallyCross championship. This is a new area for me and after testing the car back in January, I am very excited about driving in the series and going to the X-Games for my first time.

Thank you, everyone, for your support and be sure to follow me on Twitter and tweet me anytime – I love talking with my fans and interacting. @JSummerton also on Instagram @JSummerton