Report: Schumacher undergoes exploratory surgery

Report: Schumacher undergoes exploratory surgery

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Report: Schumacher undergoes exploratory surgery


Michael Schumacher has undergone another operation to discover if there has been any damage to his brain, according to a report by the UK’s Daily Telegraph.


Schumacher has been in a medically induced coma since he suffered head injuries after striking a rock while skiing on Dec. 29. The Telegraph cites European news reports that the French doctors treating Schumacher have begun brain tests on their patient to see which areas have been damaged.


Germany’s Bild newspaper reported that it has obtained information from the medical team treating Schumacher in Grenoble that its primary concern now is of “unexpected complications,” such as a brain hemorrhage and infection.


There have been no official announcements about his condition by Schumacher’s family since its appeal to the media to leave the hospital and avoid speculation, in the wake of comments made by Schumacher friend and former F1 racer Philippe Streiff, who claimed Schumacher was “out of danger” after visiting him in the hospital. Another former F1 star, Jean Alesi, added his own criticism of Streiff’s remarks this week.


“I was very disappointed and upset to see the French driver who did a press conference talking about Michael Schumacher,” fellow Frenchman Alesi told RMC Sport. “We must respect his family and leave them alone, and especially the doctors (should be left) to do their work.”