India qualifying quotes: Caterham

India qualifying quotes: Caterham

Formula 1

India qualifying quotes: Caterham


Charles Pic – 21st: “We started FP3 with the usual first run on the prime tyre and after the changes we made overnight I was much happier with the car. The front grip was a lot better and the car was now constant through the high speed sections – basically behaving more normally. We did still have some work to do improve entry stability on turn-in and on mid-exit, but overall it was a good step from Friday. The final time on the softs, on the second run, showed the progress we’d made overnight and even though the session was delayed at the start, it was still a good session.

“In quali the track had a bit more grip but on the first run I couldn’t fully exploit that so we took a bit of front wing out and went for one quick lap on the second run. Unfortunately I was stuck between a couple of cars on that lap and couldn’t find the space to put in the time we know is in the car, so ended up 21st.”

Giedo van der Garde – 20th: “I was really happy with how the car had performed yesterday and it wasn’t too much different at the start of FP3. I did have a bit of understeer in turns 10 and 11 so we added a bit more front wing to help with that, but overall it was still OK. On the performance run I was having issues with the front tyre warm up and a bit of understeer in the middle sector, so we made a couple more changes for quali to deal with that.

“We went for two runs on the options in quali and my first run was ok but there was definitely time to find, particularly in the middle sector. We had planned to go for two quick laps but it was clear we could find the time with just one so we went for it and my lap was pretty close to getting as much as I could from the car. The tyres weren’t quite working at full performance in sector one, so maybe there was a tenth or two there, but sectors two and three were close to the maximum. Tomorrow we know we have the race pace to pull away from our nearest rivals, so we’ll see how it works out.”

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