Webber admits keeping his motivation is challenging

Webber admits keeping his motivation is challenging

Formula 1

Webber admits keeping his motivation is challenging


Mark Webber has admitted he is having to use “every trick” to stay fully motivated for his final seven races in Formula 1.

The Australian, who will race for Porsche at Le Mans next year, is determined to finish his grand prix career strongly even though it is a challenge to keep his motivation up. He has yet to win a race this season but is hopeful that he will be able to bow out of F1 with a victory in one of his final seven events.

“I’m using every trick I can to stay motivated for another few months,” said Webber in Singapore. “That’s not too much of a challenge, but you are now using all of those things to finish as strongly as possible.

“I’m not saying, ‘Let’s fast-forward the last seven races,’ I want to do bloody well; that is important to me.

“It would be nice to hit the middle step before the year is out and there is no reason why we can’t.”

Webber admits that the waning motivation for F1 contributed to his decision to move to sports cars. Having announced his move in June, he is now bored with the questions about his feelings as the final stages of his F1 career wind down.

“Having to talk about this is my 10th race, ninth race, eighth race, seventh race, it’s boring the hell out of me, to be honest,” he said. “I’ve made the decision, done. I’m finished in Brazil. Thanks very much.

“The motivation has been tricky. That’s part of the decision. Lots of things help you come to the decision where you want a change of scenery and to do something else.”

Still, knowing his future lies away from F1, Webber is able to approach the rest of the season under less pressure.

“It’s a little bit more relaxed in terms of going to enjoy the last part, grab what you can and still have an opportunity to get some really special memories if I can,” said Webber.