CVC monitoring Ecclestone situation

CVC monitoring Ecclestone situation

Formula 1

CVC monitoring Ecclestone situation


Formula 1 owners CVC Capital Partners said it will continue to monitor Bernie Ecclestone’s situation after the Briton was formally indicted by German prosecutors.

Ecclestone is facing legal action over the Gerhard Gribkowsky bribery case, in which the F1 boss allegedly paid a bribe over the sale of the sport’s commercial rights to CVC in 2005.

Ecclestone had said at the end of last year that if further action was taken against him then his running of the sport would most likely come to an end.

A CVC statement said the company would follow the situation closely.

The statement read: “The Board of Formula One Group (Delta Topco Limited) notes the following developments in Munich: Mr. Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One Group has now received a bill of indictment, in English, from the Munich Regional Court.

“Mr. Ecclestone has six weeks to provide a response to this bill of indictment, prior to a decision being made by the Court on opening proceedings. The Board will continue to monitor developments in this situation accordingly.”