"Formula E Unplugged" set to launch second season

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"Formula E Unplugged" set to launch second season

Formula E

"Formula E Unplugged" set to launch second season


“Formula E Unplugged” a docu-series following the ABB Formula E World Championship, is set to launch its second series of episodes, focusing on the recently completed eighth season of the all-electric open-wheel championship — the last featuring the second-generation Formula E cars.

Over six 30-minute episodes, “Unplugged” gives viewers an eye in the paddock throughout the 2021/22 campaign while focusing on the sport’s personalities, like NIO 333 Racing’s Dan Ticktum. The 23-year-old British driver features heavily in the show as a driver who joined the series following an early career in F1’s junior categories that resulted in a year-long ban from racing after some ill-disciplined incidents.

“My character often gets misunderstood, and I’ve definitely been painted as a villain previously,” said Ticktum. “I opened up as a person a bit more this series and I think it is important for drivers and sportspeople in general to be themselves and authentically show who they really are.

“’Formula E Unplugged’ presents a realistic picture of life inside the paddock and helps fans to understand more about what makes us tick and where we are coming from. I can be pretty fiery, but I think the ‘behind the scenes’ nature of Unplugged will show that sometimes there is a lot more to what drivers are going through than can be seen during races or on social media.”

The show launches tonight on Eurosport and the UK’s Channel 4, while in the U.S. “Formula E Unplugged” season 2 will begin airing in January on CBS Sports Network,


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