Race Industry Week: Day 3

Race Industry Week: Day 3

EPARTRADE Race Industry Week

Race Industry Week: Day 3


DAY 3:  Wednesday, November 30, 2022   –   CLICK HERE TO JOIN LIVE

Starting at 5:45 AM PST | 8:45 AM EST |10:45 AM Sao Paolo | 2:45 PM Paris | 5:45 PM Dubai | 10:45 PM Tokyo | 0:45 AM (next day) Sydney

Speakers today include:

Steve Phelps, President of NASCAR; Sheikh Salman Al-Khalifa, CEO, Bahrain International Circuit; Erica Enders, five-time NHRA Pro Stock World Champion and one of the most decorated drag racers of all time; Peter Thul, Senior Director for Sport of WRC Promoter GmbH; Mark Rushbrook, Global Director, Ford Performance; David Wilson, President of Toyota Racing Development USA; John Clagett, President and CEO of the Trans Am Race Company; Greg Gill, President and CEO of SRO Motorsports America; Jim Ryan, Vice President, SCORE International; Jason Dienhart, President and CEO of Global Time Attack and Super Lap Battle; Lyn St. James, Co-Founder of Women in Motorsports North America and Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee; Kyle Moose, Sales & Technical Manager, ETS Racing Fuels; Yann Labia, Global Product Manager, ETS Racing Fuels; Michel Jourdain Jr., promoter & racing driver, Super Copa Mexico; John “Jay” Lamm, owner of 24 Hours of Lemons; Scott Stier, Aftermarket Sales & Technical, Elgin Industries; John Waraniak, CEO, Have Blue, SAE Fellow, Board and Executive Advisor; Dave Berkenfield, Team Manager at GMC HUMMER EV Extreme E program for Chip Ganassi Racing Teams (CGR), Robert Prucka, Alan Kulwicki Professor of Motorsports Engineering within the Department of Automotive Engineering and Deputy Director of the Virtual Prototyping of Autonomy-Enabled Ground Systems Center (VIPR-GS) at the Clemson University; Sabre Cook, one of today’s top female racecar drivers who won the Kelly-Moss Road and Race Scholarship Shootout that secured her a seat in the 2023 IMSA Porsche Cup; Hannah Grisham, a 22-year-old racer who was just selected for a full ride by The Heart of Racing in the GT4 America Series in an Aston Martin; Danny Nowlan, Director of ChassisSim Technologies; Brian Lounsberry, CEO and Co-Founder, MidwayPlus; Albert Reda, Director of Business Development and Co-Founder, MidwayPlus.

To view the full schedule, please go to: https://www.epartrade.com/more/onlineraceindustryweek

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