Perez on Verstappen: 'I've done a lot for him'

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Perez on Verstappen: 'I've done a lot for him'

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Perez on Verstappen: 'I've done a lot for him'


Sergio Perez says he has “done a lot” for Max Verstappen in the past but will keep the reasons for their team orders row in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix private.

Verstappen was told to let Perez through on the final lap of the race having only overtaken him a few laps earlier, but declined to do so and was angry at his team for the suggestion. After some heated arguments in the Red Bull hospitality unit involving Verstappen’s manager Raymond Vermeulen, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, the team said it would keep the discussions private, and Perez held his tongue despite his frustration.

“I’ve done a lot for him in the past, it’s no secret,” Perez said. “But it’s good we keep this discussion internally and we move on as a team. Obviously I’m disappointed, especially after all I’ve done, but I’m sure we are all grown-ups and we will move forward for the team.

“I’m sure it will be different, not only in Abu Dhabi but going forwards,” he said of the working relationship. “We will always put the team in front of our interests.”

The end result for Perez was seventh after he ran second for much of the race, with a late safety car seeing him overtaken by the Ferrari drivers and Fernando Alonso.

“It just went from bad to worse. We had a really good first stint, second stint was going well, but then the final stint was really bad. Especially with the safety car, it ruined my race. Being on that medium at the restart, we had (no pace) and we were just a passenger.”

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