Technical updates: Sao Paulo GP

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Technical updates: Sao Paulo GP

Formula 1

Technical updates: Sao Paulo GP


For the first time this season, there are no technical upgrades brought by teams to the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

With just two races to go until the end of the season and Brazil forming a back-to-back finale with Abu Dhabi next weekend, teams are already focused on their 2023 designs and have not introduced any new parts to their cars for the race in Sao Paulo.

While Interlagos is the second-highest venue on the Formula 1 calendar in terms of altitude, the previous round in Mexico City is by far the highest and saw teams bringing altitude-specific parts that could also be implemented this weekend if required.

Although some races have seen the majority of teams bring upgrades and others only a handful, it is the first time that no new parts have been submitted, in a reflection of how teams are also having to prioritize development budgets in a cost cap era.

(And yes, we’re sorry there aren’t any, but so many of you regularly check these we thought you’d wonder what had happened if we didn’t do an explanation this weekend!)

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