Technical upgrades: USGP

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Technical upgrades: USGP

Formula 1

Technical upgrades: USGP


Mercedes is one of only three teams to bring new parts to the United States Grand Prix, as it introduces its final development step.

The defending constructors’ champion is likely to lose its crown this weekend as Red Bull can wrap up the title at Circuit of The Americas, but Toto Wolff’s team continues to develop its car as it looks to secure its first win of the year. The upgrade brought to Austin has an impact on the full length of the car, with changes to the front wing, floor fences, floor edge and rear wing endplates designed to increase downforce loads and improve flow to the floor and diffuser.

Aside from Mercedes, only Alpine and Alfa Romeo also have new parts this weekend, with both focusing on the floor.

Alpine introduced a new floor at Suzuka last time out and has worked to improve its performance with an additional winglet being implemented as part of the team’s final floor update of the year.

Alfa Romeo’s change is a bigger one, with the forward part of the floor reprofiled and modifications made to the side cutouts that are designed to increase downforce and improve the car’s stability.

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