Technical upgrades: Japanese GP

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Technical upgrades: Japanese GP

Formula 1

Technical upgrades: Japanese GP


A new floor for Ferrari is one of the few upgrades teams have brought to this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix.

As the second of two back-to-back races in Asia, half of the teams have the same specification of car at Suzuka as they had in Singapore, but there are a few new parts that are ready to be introduced. The most significant of those is at Ferrari, where a new floor has been introduced as part of what the team says is its standard development cycle.

The revisions have been made to the geometries of the front and rear of the floor, with the aim of “improving the overall aerodynamic performance through the entire car operating envelope.”

Alfa Romeo is another team to introduce what it describes as a significant update, with a new front wing focusing on reprofiled wing elements and attachment to the nose structure to improve overall aerodynamic performance.

Elsewhere on the grid, AlphaTauri has a new rear wing that is designed at producing a general downforce efficiency gain, while Aston Martin has updated its beam wing that is a circuit-specific attempt to manage drag at Suzuka.

There’s also a circuit-specific update at Williams, where a smaller engine cover is intended to reduce drag around the high-speed circuit.

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