Technical upgrades: Singapore GP

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Technical upgrades: Singapore GP

Formula 1

Technical upgrades: Singapore GP


McLaren leads the way when it comes to upgrades at the Singapore Grand Prix, bringing a significant number of new parts.

The team unveiled a new livery for the next two races on Thursday and has followed that with an extensive list of updates that includes the sidepods and a major revision to the floor. As a further option, McLaren has a diffuser tweak it may run alongside the new floor, as well as cooling changes to the bodywork and front brake ducts.

No other team has made more than one change to their cars for this weekend’s race, with Mercedes, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Haas with no updates at all.

For Red Bull there are some subtly reprofiled floor fences, while Alpine and Aston Martin also have updates to their floors. AlphaTauri has a new front wing that is designed to improve the flow of air to the front edge of the floor and the wake created by the front wheels.

The only other team to submit an update — Williams — has adapted the material it uses for the construction of the rear brake duct winglets to improve durability.

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