Toto Wolff to abusive fans: "We don’t want you"

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Toto Wolff to abusive fans: "We don’t want you"

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Toto Wolff to abusive fans: "We don’t want you"


Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has said the minority who were abusing other fans at the Austrian Grand Prix should “f*** off” and are not welcome at Formula 1 events.

A number of reports of sexist, homophobic, and racist of fans started surfacing on Sunday morning when they were being collated on social media, leading to a meeting between F1 and the race promoter to increase security.

Mercedes was written to by a female Hamilton supporter from the Czech Republic who had her dress lifted up by a group of drunk fans, and managed to get her into the garage for the race, with Wolff sending his own message to those responsible for the abuse.

“I think it’s just people being stupid,” Wolff said. “I have no other explanation for people abusing — in whatever way, sexist, hedonistic, homophobic, or racist – you are just simply brainless. And no alcohol can excuse that.

“The sport polarizes and triggers emotions, we want that. We shouldn’t condemn all of them but put these few idiots out.

“We mustn’t come across as though we are condemning a group of fans, because we are not. I have seen them climbing on the fences and when Lewis stood up I looked at them and nobody was booing, and they were hardcore and drank and there was still no booing. There are a few amoebas – people with one cell – but let’s not make it a general thing.

“I don’t know what alcohol is involved here. This is a big camping site over three days, but I haven’t heard it from Silverstone or anywhere else, but I wouldn’t generalize it. We need to be very careful that we don’t put the sport that we love into a corner and say this is all racist or sexist, because it’s not.

“There’s still too much, but we just need to target these guys and pick them out and say ‘you’. This is what Formula 1 has said and we have said and that you need to report to the security if you can.

“And whoever reads my sentence: stay away, we don’t want you if you are part of that group. F*** off. Can you write that actually? If you are part of that category, f*** off.”

And Wolff says he is appealing to the vast majority of fans who add to the spectacle and atmosphere to help police such behavior if possible, praising how most had acted in Austria after some booing of Max Verstappen at Silverstone.

“If you are a real Formula 1 fan, whatever team, whatever driver, you can’t be a racist, you can’t be homophobic and you can’t be sexist because then you don’t fit to Formula 1 and we don’t want you.

“On the other side, we need to be careful just because there are a few drunk dumbarses out there that haven’t comprehended how the world goes today, we shouldn’t condemn the 99.9 percent of fans who come here. There is always going to be these idiots around, I hope we provided a good show for the rest and these ones can stay at home.

“I think we didn’t see any booing, on a positive note, when you see how many Max fans are out there, loyal Max fans, and they got the message and recognized how you behave in a sportsmanlike way.

“You don’t need to cheer [accidents] and they remained silent [while Hamilton was speaking] and I thought that was good to see. Overall, 99.9 percent are great fans whether you are Max, Lewis or Charles (Leclerc) and the one percent put a shadow over them, but they are from yesterday and to them we say ‘stay at home, we don’t want you here’.”