Hamilton finds lonely recovery ‘massively satisfying’

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Hamilton finds lonely recovery ‘massively satisfying’

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Hamilton finds lonely recovery ‘massively satisfying’


Lewis Hamilton says his recovery to third place in the Austrian Grand Prix was a “massively satisfying” result, despite admitting the race was a lonely one for him later on.

The seven-time world champion crashed in qualifying on Friday and had to start the Sprint in ninth place, going on to finish eighth after overtaking Mick Schumacher late in the short race. In the grand prix itself, Schumacher passed Hamilton in the opening stages but the Mercedes driver climbed through to finish third, albeit a long way adrift of Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen.

“It’s massively satisfying,” Hamilton said. “I was a bit lonely once I got (into third). These guys were like 30-something seconds ahead of me, so I was just watching their race on the TV. So, down the straights I was just watching where they were. I could see them coming through Turn 6 as I was coming out Turn 1.

“So I was getting a bit of a fan view of what was happening. I saw some of the overtakes they were having. I think they did replays and stuff. But after such a difficult weekend, with the crash, with a monumental effort from the team to rebuild the car this is a really great result. So I’m very grateful.”

Hamilton says the result is particularly encouraging as teammate George Russell also crashed on Friday but picked up a fourth place to ensure Mercedes’ rebuilding work was rewarded with the highest team points’ total on Sunday.

“It’s been a bit of a rough weekend. But I’m really grateful. As a team, we got a third and fourth. That’s great points. And we move forward from here.

“I do really want to say a big thank you to the guys, the men and women in the garage, who worked so hard to rebuild the car. I had a brand-new car on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, something I don’t do too often (crashing), but so thankful to them for working so hard and we made some improvements this weekend, so we just have to keep chipping away.”