Miami "the hardest race I’ve ever done" – Magnussen

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Miami "the hardest race I’ve ever done" – Magnussen

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Miami "the hardest race I’ve ever done" – Magnussen


Kevin Magnussen says the Miami Grand Prix was the hardest race he’s ever done due to the weather conditions and intense nature of the midfield battle.

Temperatures were in the low-90s throughout the race, with the humidity in South Florida making it feel far hotter inside the cockpit. Magnussen was fighting for points for the majority of the grand prix, including a tough battle with Lance Stroll late on.

“We tried everything we could, didn’t get points, onto the next one,” Magnussen said. “It’s the hardest race I’ve ever done, just so hot – unbelievably hot.

“We have a car that can score points so we need to do that every weekend. We didn’t do that this weekend so we’ve got to get our heads down and start scoring more points.”

Haas left Miami empty handed after both drivers were caught in incidents with Aston Martin drivers. While Mick Schumacher’s collision with Sebastian Vettel was more spectacular, Magnussen’s fight was similarly robust.

“We pit under the safety car, I thought that was the best thing. It was my call, maybe it wasn’t the best thing but if it was a mistake it wasn’t the team’s mistake.

“We could have scored points, we had damage to the front wing after the restart, a fair bit of damage. So without that I don’t think I would have been fighting with Stroll at the end.

“The first contact was Turn 2, I was on the outside, exit of Turn 3, and (Stroll) just went wide, I guess he went on the kerb or something and that’s when I got the damage. Then the second to last lap he had a go at me into Turn 11 and then it was the same thing, I braked too late and hit him.

“I was in P11 and chasing [Fernando] Alonso who had a five-second penalty, so I just had to get within that five seconds. I was getting attacked by Stroll, he had a go, I had to keep my position. In that position you either finish P10 or might as well go home.”

The two collisions were investigated by the stewards, with Stroll receiving no further action for the Turn 2 contact as neither driver was deemed wholly or predominantly to blame, while Magnussen picked up a five-second time penalty and two penalty points for the Turn 11 clash.