Aston upgrades will leave it in 'better shape' after rough start - Krack

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Aston upgrades will leave it in 'better shape' after rough start - Krack

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Aston upgrades will leave it in 'better shape' after rough start - Krack


Aston Martin can expect to be in a better position in the near future as it pushes ahead with car developments, according to team principal Mike Krack.

The team has struggled throughout 2022 so far, with a lack of pre-season mileage and then handling issues meaning it was the last of the 10 constructors’ to score a point this year. After a strong result at Imola where both drivers scored – something Sebastian Vettel said felt like a win – Aston Martin’s development plan leaves Krack confident an improvement is imminent.

“I think in a couple of races we will be in a better shape,” Krack said. “I think it would be foolish to say in race X or race Y because even if you bring new parts you always need to understand them and need to understand what job you have done.

“Say we bring a new package to Miami and there’s rain or something or we don’t make it work so you create a lot of expectation and everybody would consider you have failed. Sprint (in Imola), only one session on Friday, and if you bring a new update you have no chance at all to test it or validate it if it works or not.

“So from that point of view it is very important not to say a specific event to the outside world, we have our internal plans, you will understand I don’t want to go into detail there, but in a couple of races we should be in better shape.”

The new team principal says continuous development is key to that aim, with Aston Martin looking to bring new parts to each grand prix that focus on specific aspects of the car.

“We have three main points that we are working on. One is aero, most important one. Second one is car weight, very important as well. And third one is how we can provide better feedback to our drivers, that goes into the suspension, into the steering, these kinds of things, the set-up of the car.

“We need to try and give the drivers a better feel of the car so that they can extract more from it.

“For us we want to bring updates every race, we want to have continuous development and bring updates all the time. Sometimes they are a bit bigger, sometimes a bit smaller, but it is important to keep the development alive. Obviously at one point of the season we have to stop and focus on next year’s car but we are quite far from that at the moment.”

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