Skip Barber Racing School & Operation Motorsport Program Foundation announce partnership

Skip Barber Racing School & Operation Motorsport Program Foundation announce partnership

Skip Barber Racing School

Skip Barber Racing School & Operation Motorsport Program Foundation announce partnership


The Operation Motorsport Program Foundation (OpMo) and Skip Barber Racing School (SBRS) announce their official partnership as they work together to engage medically retiring military members and veterans, using motorsports to help build a sense of team, identity, and purpose. SBRS will become the US branch of the OpMo Academy Driver Development Program, as OpMo becomes an official charity of SBRS.

This new partnership allows Operation Motorsport, to align with the Skip Barber Racing School, an organization steeped in international recognition for their racing school programs, driver development, and commitment to giving back to those who served.

Operation Motorsport is a veteran led and operated, 501(c)3 not for profit foundation, based in Raleigh, North Carolina and Brighton, Ontario, serving American and Canadian service members and veterans and was founded on the basis of three simple words: excite, engage and empower. The premise is to engage retiring service members and veterans affected by military service, through motorsport activities, using team, identity, and purpose to aid in their recovery.

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In 2021, Skip Barber Racing embraced U.S. Army staff sergeant Dustin Burkhalter, a combat veteran, and medically released service member. Throughout the SRO TC America series, the team provided opportunities and tools that allowed Dustin to successfully transition from the military into a full-time position within motorsports.

“When we first started talking about partnering with Skip Barber Racing, to me, it was a natural fit,” said Tiffany Lodder, executive director. “I watched how the crew works together in the paddock and the pits. I watched how they treated Dustin, who was a brand-new beneficiary and struggling with his medical release.

“The SBRS team gets it. They are there for each other as a team. This is also evidenced by how many veterans they currently employ in their organization. Everyone wants to give back, and Skip Barber Racing is making it happen with this partnership.”

This new partnership expands Operation Motorsport’s reach in the racing world and brings new opportunities within other aspects of high-performance driving. Further, this partnership cements Skip Barber Racing School’s commitment to supporting the military and veteran communities while expanding their reach to include Canadian serving and medically retired military members.

“We are very excited to expand our relationship with OpMo and their Motorsports Immersion Program.” said Anthony DeMonte, CEO of Skip Barber. “The OpMo mission perfectly aligns with Skip Barber Racing School’s position as the gateway to motorsports. We are honored to provide those who have served with a pathway to a career in motorsports.”

Operation Motorsport will utilize Skip Barber Racing School driving events to introduce performance driving and motorsports to the military and veteran communities. This will allow the Foundation to build a driver development program that meets team entry requirements for the Race of Remembrance, a 12-hour endurance race at Anglesey Circuit, Wales, UK which annually coincides with Veterans Day/Remembrance Day.