‘Brave’ Ferrari reveals new F1-75

‘Brave’ Ferrari reveals new F1-75

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‘Brave’ Ferrari reveals new F1-75


Ferrari has unveiled a heavily-sculpted 2022 car at the launch of the F1-75 on Thursday, in what team principal Mattia Binotto says is the symbol of a “brave” team.

This pre-season has delivered a mix of detailed designs and liveries on show cars released by various teams so far, but Ferrari went for a complete car reveal with its 2022 challenger. The sidepods feature significant sculpting and cooling louvres on the top, while there is an innovative nose solution that includes a narrowing down to the lowest front wing element.

From a livery perspective, Ferrari has gone towards an early-90s inspired design with black additions to the traditional red color scheme.

“If you look at the car itself I think it’s very different and quite aggressive,” Binotto said. “The bodywork is where we’ve got most of the changes – that’s because it’s where the regulations give most of the freedom, but if you look at that, at least for me, it’s quite impressive.

“I have to tell you that we have definitely put our heart and soul into this car. I am proud of the work that has gone into the design of the F1-75. It called on all our know-how, our creativity and above all our commitment.

“This is what I would call a brave Ferrari because we have interpreted the rules thinking out of the box. We know that expectations are high and that in recent years, the results have not lived up to what is expected of the Ferrari name. We went in a new direction back in 2019 and even if there have been some difficult moments along the way it has delivered a stronger and more unified team and this car is the perfect expression of all our efforts.

“Now it’s the time to go up against the opposition. That’s the best challenge and what makes our work so enthralling. I’d like the F1-75 to be up for the fight on track at every grand prix, to go toe-to-toe with our rivals, aiming to be the very best.

“We have a responsibility to our company and to our partners. But most of all, I’d like this car to perform in such a way that our fans can once again be proud of Ferrari.”