MG Vintage Racers: Celebrating a 40-year history

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MG Vintage Racers: Celebrating a 40-year history

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MG Vintage Racers: Celebrating a 40-year history


MG Vintage Racers (MGVR) is the oldest single-marque vintage race support group in North America. It is non-profit, staffed by volunteers, and has focused on both its members and on MGs in vintage racing since its inception.

The December 2021 (Vol. 39 Iss. 11) issue of its wonderful monthly newsletter contained this detailed overview, and with a fresh new year of vintage racing on the immediate horizon (and with the permission of the club’s Dave Nicholas), we bring you the story in its entirety. -Ed.

Post-WWII sports car racing in North America really started on the streets of Watkins Glen, New York, in 1948. From there it grew and spread. With time, the racing became more competitive, as newer, more modified, and faster cars forced the old ones to pasture. In reaction, “Vintage Racing” began to take root in the 1960’s, as a flashback to the earlier – and simpler – days of sports car racing.

In this new venue, “the cars were the stars” and their vintage character would be maintained. Cars were generally restricted to “period original” modifications, and winning was not important, as this was nostalgic racing just for the fun of it.

In 1959, the Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA) was founded, and it is credited with starting the vintage car racing movement. But in 1959, MGA’s were still being produced, so only the older MG’s were eligible to participate with the VSCCA.

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