Circuit Legends set for Lime Rock next summer

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Circuit Legends set for Lime Rock next summer

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Circuit Legends set for Lime Rock next summer


GRIDLIFE announced on Friday at the PRI Show its plans for a new festival expansion to the Northeast called “Circuit Legends” to be hosted at Lime Rock Park, scheduled for August 19-20 at the celebrated Connecticut road course.

Circuit Legends is a new festival concept for GRIDLIFE, which promotes motorsports festivals around the United States. The Circuit Legends concept will celebrate automotive culture of the mid 1980s through mid-’00s by featuring vehicles that represent “The Golden Age of touring car racing.”

“The Circuit Legends concept will be GRIDLIFE’s concours event,” explained GRIDLIFE founder Chris Stewart. “It’s a car culture and motorsports showcase designed for the younger generation that was brought up on Speedvision, BTCC, DTM, JTCC, etc. We will celebrate automotive heroes as our headliners to bring a legendary group of 80s-90s-00s racing vehicles together for this inaugural event.”

The Circuit Legends Festival is a collaboration between GRIDLIFE and Lime Rock Park, which will co-produce this event.

“We’ve been working to deliver the best experience possible for our guests, and debuting Circuit Legends at Lime Rock Park is a truly exciting addition to our 2022 schedule,” said Dicky Riegel, Lime Rock Park president and CEO. “Circuit Legends reflects our ambition to introduce Lime Rock Park to a new audience in partnership with GRIDLIFE. The track has several events, and we are eager for our fans to experience this new addition to our schedule in August.”

On track, GRIDLIFE will bring its HPDE, TrackBattle Time Attack, the exciting wheel to wheel GRIDLIFE Touring Cup (GLTC), and a special “Legends session” where the legacy touring cars will be on track at speed in a shootout-style showcase.

More details will be released in the coming months as production of Circuit Legends at Lime Rock Park begins.


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