The RACER Mailbag, November 24

The RACER Mailbag, November 24

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The RACER Mailbag, November 24

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Q: Hi RACER folks. Thanks so much for bringing back the Mailbag. I had begun to dread Wednesdays since Robin’s last days and his passing. Wednesdays just became very dreary. The Mailbag was the first thing I did when I arrived at work each Wednesday. Email just had to wait.

Marshall’s article covering Robin’s memorial was wonderful. I remember during the streaming at the conclusion of the memorial someone (I think RM’s pal Steve) mentioned that a list of appropriate charities could be located in the back of the program. I believe I am not the only reader who would like to honor Robin’s memory by giving to one of his favorite charities. Would Steve or Robin’s sister Diane be willing to share this info with us?

Thank you,

Deb Schaeffer, Torrance, CA

MARK GLENDENNING: I asked Steve Shunck, who checked with Robin’s family, and the three charities they’ve nominated in Robin’s memory are Hope City Indy, Riley Childrens’ Hospital’s Riley Cheer Guild, and the Indianapolis Blood & Marrow Transplantation Foundation. If you choose the latter, please select “Bone marrow patient assistance fund” from the drop-down menu. And thank you.

Q: Where will Ryan Newman go to in 2022? Where will Santino Ferrucci go to in 2022? Will Team Penske field the No. 22 Ford Mustang in the Xfinity Series, and who will drive it?

Kurt Perleberg

KELLY CRANDALL: Right now, Ryan Newman does not have a ride for 2022, and there hasn’t been much chatter about where he could end up. Newman told the media in Phoenix that he has nothing on paper for next season and doesn’t believe there are any quality rides available.

Santino Ferrucci has nothing locked as of right now either. However, he continues to work with sponsors to see if he can continue to run Xfinity Series races in 2022, and we’ll see him at the Chili Bowl in January.

It does not appear that Team Penske will keep that car going in the same capacity as we’ve seen the last few years. Nothing has officially been announced, but look at the pieces: Austin Cindric is a Cup Series driver now, and crew chief Brain Wilson has been promoted to the Cup Series as well to work with Harrison Burton at the Wood Brothers. No other driver has been announced or rumored over there, and Team Penske officials have repeatedly said their plans were to be determined. But it seems clear that if they do run that car, it won’t be full-time.

“Maybe I should find out if Dreyer & Reinbold’s running a third car at Indy…” Motorsport Images

From Robin Miller’s Mailbag, November 26, 2014

Q: How much of a stir did Teo Fabi cause in IndyCars in 1983? I’d always rated him in Europe – very good in F3 and F2, better than Nigel Mansell, for example – but obviously his first season in F1 was in a horrible old Toleman with a team that favored his teammate. So I was pleased when he got the opportunity to come to Indy racing, and was even more pleased that he did so well, although 30 years ago, news took some time to arrive in Italy, 4,000 miles away! Anyway, I just wondered what you and the paddock thought of him.

Giorgio Ramboni, Scotland, UK

ROBIN MILLER: I went to Teo’s initial oval test at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and after a few laps he said “no thanks.” The walls really spooked him. But he finally got comfortable and, of course, wound up winning the pole position for the 1983 Indy 500 before scoring wins at Pocono and Phoenix. He was a damn good road racer, obviously, and captured Mid-Ohio and Laguna Seca in ’83. He won the most races (4), poles (6) and led the most laps but lost the championship by five points to steady Al Unser.

Teo was very quiet, tough to get to know, but a nice guy and I always called him “Ted” and he couldn’t understand why, yet he always smiled. He was very smart, in and out of the car. The Brabham F1 team came calling for 1984 so he only ran a few IndyCar races that year, but returned to CART full-time in 1988 and he scored the only victory for Porsche in 1989. I ran into him a few years ago at the downtown Indianapolis mall, and we talked more than we ever did at the track.


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